Team Butler Agreement

Contract Period 

In addition to project based or quarterly accounts, Team Butler offers ongoing marketing support to businesses big and small. Team Butler requires a minimum of 9-month or 12-month marketing support and requires a 60-day cancellation notice for ongoing services. During this 60 day period, Team Butler will be responsible for sending any/all login credentials, Client owned design files and developed resources within the 60 day period. 

Design Files & Branding:

There are files we own and files you own. All design files created for your business will be available for 60 days following your contract period. Below is an overview of the files you receive if you no longer partner with Team Butler.

  • PNG, JPEG, and/or PDF design elements will be saved by the campaign/month created
  • Native File (non-editable) for logo development only
  • Canva templates and designs will be shared as uneditable PNG files. 

Website Development:

  • Website Ownership: You own your website and we will transfer the site files to any partner needed during or after our relationship. 
  • Website Development: A separate scope of work will be sent to include the project timeline, asset creation, branding, custom forms, SEO plugins and web features/integrations. 
  • Hosting: Managed through Team Butler. Month 1 hosting is included in any new site build after launch. Pick between three tiers and cancel within 60 days!
  • Website Maintenance: Web maintenance support is included in your monthly fee. Functionality that requires additional hard cost will be billed separately.